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Steering Committee
Bob Keeler - Events
Joe Wright - Secretary /Treasurer
Deb Giffin - PHTP Facebook page, webmaster

Our postal mail address is:

Patrick Henry Tea Party
18120 Southern Cross Lane
Beaverdam, VA 23015
$246,868 per Taxpayer
Welcome to the Patrick Henry Tea Party!
We created this site to keep the citizens of western Hanover County and surrounding areas informed about important governmental issues affecting citizens on the local, state and national levels. We are a non-partisan grassroots organization with a focus on smaller, less-intrusive government, fiscal prudence, adherence to our Constitution and unashamed patriotism.
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Got Democrat friends? Introduce them to the WalkAway Campaign. You can find it on Facebook, or watch the YouTube video that started it all:
The Unsilent Minority.
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September 17 
DEFEND ARLINGTON CAMPAIGN: An Governmental relations attorney has been engaged to attack the Marxist war on Arlington National Cemetery's "Reconciliation Monument. $5000 is needed immediately to get the ball rolling. Please consider chipping in here> Any amount will help. Also, after you chip in, please use the widget to send ANOTHER message to Congress, and ask others to do the same:  - Together we MUST fight CANCEL CULTURE

If you are unsure of your representatives after redistricting, we suggest going to VPAP.ORG and entering your address.

State Senate: District 10: John McGuire, Duane Adams, Jack Dyer, Sandy Brindley (R), Jacob Boykin (D) District 26: Ryan McDougle (R)
State Delegate: District 59: Buddy Fowler, Graven Craig, Philip Strother (R) District 60: Scott Wyatt (R)
Board of Supervisors:
Ashland-Faye Prichard (D),  Yael Levin (R)
Chickahominy-Angela Kelly-Wiececk, Danielle Floyd (R)
Beaverdam-Rob Manolo, Jeff Stoneman, Doug Schule (R)
Cold Harbor-Michael Herzberg (R)
Henry-Sean Davis (R)
Mechanicsville-Canova Peterson, Ryan Hudson (R)
South Anna-Sue Dibble (R)

Congratulations to John McGuire, who won the Republican nomination for Senate District 10. On to November! He will face Dan Tomlinson, Democrat.

Early voting for the Primary is now in effect! Fowler/Craig/Strother are vying to be the Republican choice against Democrat Rachel Levy. 
The Early Voting Center will be open during office business hours. It will also be open on Saturday, June 10th and 17th from 9AM - 5PM. 
Vote by mail absentee ballots requests will be taken until 5PM on Friday, June 9th. The ballot drop box will be open on May 5th - June 20th at 7PM which is located eastside of the Early Voting Center 7497 County Complex Rd. 23069. 
Primary Election Day: June 20, 2023 from 6AM - 7PM
Emergency precinct relocation for 702 Montpelier! From the Montpelier Arts and Education Center to the Western Hanover Church at 16050 Mountain Rd. 23192 due to construction.
The 105 Berkley precinct will stay at the Ashland Fire Station until the construction at John M. Gandy Elementary School is completed in August 2024.