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Steering Committee
Bob Keeler - Events
Joe Wright - Secretary /Treasurer
Deb Giffin - PHTP Facebook page, webmaster

Our postal mail address is:

Patrick Henry Tea Party
18120 Southern Cross Lane
Beaverdam, VA 23015
$246,868 per Taxpayer
Patrick Henry Tea Party's Long Term Vision and Goals • Work to replace government officials at all levels who do not share the vision of our founding fathers. • Promote causes that support smaller government, lower taxes, and less government intrusion into our daily lives. • Expose government regulatory and executive actions that go against the letter and the spirit of laws in place. • Encourage Civic Engagement: Organize public demonstrations and activities in support of our mission and values. • Inform the electorate of the content of pending legistlature so voters can apply pressure to their elected officials to either support or vote against such measures. • Work with other like-minded groups on efforts to turn the government away from the efforts to regulate our daily activities.
COMMUNITY EVENTS PHTP has regularly scheduled meetings that are announced on this site and through our eNewsletter. Volunteers are needed to bring information to people in the community at other events and to make the organization visible to others who may not have known of its existence. Past events have included the Beaverdam Fourth of July Parade, attendance at Heritage Day, and a booth at the Virginia Tea Party Convention. Voter registration, patriotic events, “tea party” gatherings and other ways of bringing people together are planned. VOTER REGISTRATION In order for a democratic society to function the way it was intended, all citizens need to be involved in the process of electing their representatives to do their bidding. Failure to be involved leaves the operation of government at all levels to the will of others. In order to influence the many decisions that affect your daily life, you need to be a voter. From school boards, local Board of Supervisors, through the State and Federal elected officials, all obtained their positions by the consent of the voters. PHTP believes that all the populace needs to be motivated and energized to vote and to encourage their family, friends, and neighbors to do the same. PHTP provides opportunities for volunteers to assist with signing up new voters at various public events, without the expectation that voters will support any particular candidates. Your vote is not for sale! LOCAL GOVERNMENT It has been said that all politics are local. All government actions affect each and every one of us locally. Starting at local boards, commissions, and public hearings, we need to be aware of what actions are being planned and which require our participation in voicing our support or opposition. This includes reviewing local budgets, reading proposed ordinances, and attending Board of Supervisors meetings. The more people that read, ask questions, follow up and challenge the status quo, the less that government operates out of our sight.
OUR MISSION IS: To represent "We the People" and monitor our Legislators at all levels of government. To promote public awareness and become engaged in restoring the vision of our Founding Fathers. We believe real change must begin with citizen involvement through local government participation and voter registration. Our efforts toward these ends are resolved to be peaceful, respectful, and non-racist. To proactively represent "We the People" in educating and informing Virginians on local, state and federal issues. To hold accountable all government officials. To engage in voter registration and inspire all to become involved for the good of America. Our principles are Constitutionally based and we shall tolerate no violence or bigoted activities.
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Member of Virginia Federation of Tea Party Patriots