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Patrick Henry Tea Party
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$246,868 per Taxpayer
VTPPF Releases New Legislator Fiscal Scorecards The VA Tea Party Patriots Federation opposes any new legislation that further expands government or increases spending until after a full audit of Virginia state government; the elimination of waste, fraud, and abuse; and a substantial reduction in the Commonwealths dependency on Federal funds. (Currently, Federal funds are 38% of the Virginia budget not including loan guarantees or the proposed expansion of Medicaid) We will continue to oppose any new taxes, fees, tax credits, grants, and bonding authority until waste, fraud, and abuse have been eliminated. We will work for passage of Legislation that requires, upon citizen request, full disclosure of Public-Private Partnerships established under the 1995 VA Public-Private Partnership Transportation Act, including the names of officers, directors, and partners, as well as full disclosure of corporate and individual investors and beneficiaries. We will continue our strong support for a Lock Box for transportation funds. Go here to review/download the scorecards!
VCDL Releases 2016 Legislative Tracking Tool The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) has released their 2016 Virginia General Assembly Tracking Tool. This page on their website will display summaries of all pending legislation, the current status of the bill, and whether or not VCDL supports each bill. Click here to to visit VCDL's website for the details on each bill. It's here! General Assembly 2016 voting record!! How well did your legislators represent you in the General Assembly this year? Now you can find out, as the 2016 General Assembly voting record is now complete. 2016 WAS AN UNUSUAL YEAR This year was unusual, as we had a “deal” with the Governor consisting of three bills, one of which was a very important pro-gun bill that expanded Virginias reciprocity with other states. The other two other bills were acceptable as we made sure that they did not have a negative effect for gun owners. Due to this unusual situation some of the regular anti-self-defense legislators voted for the reciprocity bill, which they probably wouldnt have supported otherwise. And many of the pro-gun legislators supported both of the other two bills, when those legislators, too, probably wouldnt have done so under normal conditions. The result is that some of the anti-self-defense legislators have slightly higher scores than one might have expected, with no one getting a zero score. HOW THE SENATE AND HOUSE DID AS A WHOLE This year, in both the Senate and the House, the results were starker than Ive seen before: even the WORST Republicans were better than the BEST Democrats when it comes to guns. Thats pretty sad, but shows how far the Democrats have drifted and why they are now referred to as the Party of Gun Control. A LOOK AT THE SENATE In the Senate, the Republicans were all neck-and-neck, with mostly one or two bad votes separating them. The pro- gun voting record for Republicans ranged from a perfect 100% down to 90%. The Democrats ranged from a pro-gun voting record of 74% down to a low of 8%, all-in-all nothing to write home about. A LOOK AT THE HOUSE In the House, the Republicans were neck-and-neck much like the Senate, with mostly one or two bad votes separating them. The pro-gun voting record for Republicans ranged from a perfect 100% down to 75%. The Democrats ranged from a pro-gun voting record of 56% down to a low of 2%, even more pitiful than their counterparts in the Senate. AND THE WINNERS/LOSERS ARE: In the Senate, it is a tie for the top position this year (100%): Senator Carrico and Senator Vogel took that top honor, with four other Senators a hairs breath below them with a 100% voting record, too, but with fewer votes cast. Senator McEachin has the worst score in the Senate - a miserable 8%. In the House, there is a clear winner for the FOURTH TIME IN A ROW: Delegate Todd Gilbert with a perfect 100% score. There are 28 other Republicans nipping at his heals, all with 100% voting records, too, but none with as many votes cast. There is a tie for the worst score between Delegates Herring and Watts, both with a horrific 2% rating. Four other Democrats were right behind them with a 2% score, but fewer votes cast. THE COMPLETE RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED ONLINE HERE!